Services Provided

Real Estate

Representation of Buyers, Sellers and Lending Institutions in Residential Real Estate Transactions. Services include review of Contract to Purchase with client; Gathering of Title Documents and arrangement for continuation and updating; Ordering Bank and Tax Documents; Drafting and Preparation of Conveyance Documents; Examination of Title; Preparation of Title Report; Arrangement for Title Insurance; Closing Attendance; Ongoing Liaison and Communication with Client, Counsel, Staff, Realtors and Lending Institution.

A Note About The Need for Title Insurance

There are many events or issues which may arise during your ownership of the Real Property you are purchasing which are not foreseeable or anticipated by our determination that title to your property is clear and marketable. For example, suits or other claims pending or which may be brought by Native American tribes, forgeries in the chain of title, erroneous tax certifications, boundary disputes, or omission of heirs through succession are a small sample of events NOT covered without title insurance.

For Purchasers of Real Property obtaining a mortgage, your Lending Institution more than likely requires that you purchase a Mortgage Title Insurance Policy to protect their interest in the event of any claim against against the title. THIS POLICY PROTECTS ONLY THE LENDER IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM. However, a Purchaser of Real Property may obtain an Owner's Title Insurance Policy (called a Fee Policy) at a significant discount if purchased simultaneously with the Mortgage Title Insurance Policy to protect his/her/their individual interest(s). I strongly urge my clients to have me obtain a Fee Policy on their behalf to protect their interests for as long as they own the property. It is a one-time premium which can be included as part of your overall closing costs.

Traffic Matters

Representation of Defendants in all Traffic Court matters.

Estate Planning

Counseling and drafting of Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies.

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